• Frank up to 20 mail items a minute!

    The IS280 Machine is capable of preparing up to 20 items of mail a minute. In our experience a machine of this speed would be recommended to send between 20 to 50 mail items a day.

  • Built in optional choice of a 2kg scale!

    With a built in choice of a 2kg scale, you can ensure that you pay the exact postage price with the IS280 every time.

  • Manual hand feed and removal feed

    The Neopost IS280 franking machine has a hand fed, manual envelope removal feeding system. Designed for easy and precise insignias.

  • Neopost IS280 Franking Machine
  • IS280 Neopost benefits

    Never guess or overpay your postage rates ever again. With a option of a integrated 2kg scale, you can calculate exact postage.

    No more last minute trips down to the Post Office with your very own office IS280 machine. All day, every day.

    Instant access to UK and overseas Royal Mail franking prices. At the touch of a button.

    Keep your postage funds secure with pin code protection on all your accounting or departmental accounts.

    Capable of printing all current, 2015 postage costs. For all different envelope and package sizes available.

    Save money, more convenient and make your mail more efficient. With engaging and capitalizing advertisement slogans.

Further IS280 franking machine details.

  • Neopost IS280 features

    • Sleek and compact.
    • High quality digital impression printing.
    • Frank on labels or 8mm thick envelopes.
    • Store postal rates for quick access.
    • Automatic date & time change.
    • Smart blue and VAT reporting ready.
  • IS280 specifications

    • Mail preparing speeds of 20 per minute, 50 items a day.
    • DL, C5 & C4 compatible envelope sizes.
    • Manual feeding method.
    • L:31.6cm, H: 19.4cm, W:22.5cm, Weight:2.9KG
    • 8mm maximum envelope size.
  • Online IS280 video Demonstration

More information on the Neopost IS280

  • Learn more about this Neopost franking machine

    Latest News

    Latest News about the IS280

    Latest news about the Neopost IS280 franking machine.
    Neopost have confirmed that the IS280 franking machine WILL NOT be Mailmark™ compatible. This means that users will not be able to benefit from this new technology. This machine has now been replaced with the Mailmark compliant IS280c model.
    Smart Meter
    The IS280 is built with the future of the Royal Mail in mind. Therefore is smart blue printing and VAT reporting ready.

    IS280 Testimonials

    Why people love the IS280 franking machine.

    Beautiful things come in small packages, and with the IS280, you certainly feel similar sentiments if you get your hands on a IS280 franking machine. It is compact, small and functions quietly, not distracting anyone, whilst at the same time, yo can be doing more important work. Read more IS280 reviews.

    Frequently asked questions

    Which type of company is the IS280 suitable for?

    The IS280 is a small office franking machine. This means that it is designed for small companies in mind. Ideally beginning to frank it will allow for you to manage your mail both quickly and efficiently. This will allow you to save precious money and time. With multiple options for this Neopost machine, there is no end to the possibilities. With a online account to easily manage your budget. One of the most recommended entry level frankers.
    Read more on IS280 information.

    Prices & rates

    See how much you could save on your post with a IS280

    With this small IS280 franking machine, you could save a astonishing amount on your mailing budget.

    Stamp Frank Savings
    1st Class – Letter 64p 53p 11p
    2nd Class – Letter 55p 40p 15p
    1st Class – Large Letter 96p 83p 13p
    2nd Class – Large Letter 75p 67p 8p

    For a complete postage rates chart please visit our postage rates 2016 page.

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  • IS280 franking labels

    Along with franking ink you will need other supplies such as Labels. Labels will allow you to frank onto a label instead of straight onto a envelope which is great for parcels.

  • IS280 franking envelopes

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